How to Pay Your FESCO Online Bill 2024

How to Pay Your FESCO Online Bill 2024

Welcome to the ultimate gateway of how to pay FESCO online bill 2024 by using different gateways that are available here and There are several benefits of paying FESCO online bill that prevent us from all kind of Hassel.
All the benefits of paying the FESCO Online Bill are discuss here in easy to read and easy to Understand way of Content.

Benefits of FESCO Online Bill Pay:

*** Transport Free:

All the Customers of FESCO Platform can easily pay their bills from anywhere and at any time by using a computer or mobile device with the Network Service.

*** Time-saver:

This is very easy and Time saver method of FESCO Online Bill pay that save your Time in your Busy and hectic daily routine of Work. All the Online payments are very faster and easier than previous methods such as visiting a bank for paying the bill or visit the FESCO office.

*** Secure:

All the Online payments are very safe and secure. there is no any doubt about the money transfer and any other issue regarding money in the online method of Payment transfer.

How to pay FESCO Online Bill 2024:

In this era of modern world it is very easy and safe to pay your Bill online in different ways that are clearly describe here.

*** Through Website:

If you want To pay your FESCO online bill, then you have to follow these steps:

>> Visit of all you have to visit the official FESCO website and then click on the “Bill Payment” option that are present there.

>> Then you have to Enter your meter number, type of consumer, and your billing month.

>> Then Select your payment method through which you want to pay the FESCO Online Bill 2024. (credit card, debit card, or online banking).

>> Please Enter your all the payment details, such as your card number or bank account information.

>> Then at the last step you must have to Review the details and click on the “Pay Now” button to complete the payment.

FESCO Online Bill

*** Through Mobile Banking:

If you want to pay your FESCO Online Bill through the mobile banking then follow these steps:

>> First of all you have to Open your mobile banking app and then log in to your account.

>> In the second step you have to Select the “Bill Payment” option and choose FESCO Service as the biller.

>> Then Enter your meter number, Month of your Bill, and the exact amount you want to pay.

>> In the last Select your payment method and confirm the payment.

*** Through ATM Method:

You can also pay your FESCO Online Bill through ATM, here are the essentials steps that you should follow to pay your FESCO Online Bill.

>> Firstly Visit your bank’s ATM and insert your debit card into the given portion carefully.

>> Select the “Bill Payment” option and select the option of FESCO as a Biller.

>> Then you have to Enter your meter number, billing month, and the total amount that you want to pay.

>> Then please Confirm the payment and wait for the receipt as a proof.

*** Through Bank Counter:

This is the other method in which you can pay your FESCO ONLINE Bill 2024. You can pay your bill at the bank counter by following the given steps.

>> In the First step Bring your FESCO bill with the total amount you want to pay to your bank’s counter.

>> Then you have to Tell the bank representative that you want to pay your FESCO Online bill.

>> Then you must have to provide your meter number and your billing month.

>> The representative of the respective bank will process the payment and provide you a receipt.

*** FESCO Customer Service :

These are the step to pay your FESCO Online Bill through FESCO Customer Service.

>> In the First step you have to call the FESCO Customer service by Dialing the number that is given on the Website.

>> Then Provide your meter number and month of your Bill to the FESCO representative.

>> At the end the representative will process the payment and provide you a confirmation SMS of Your Bill Payment.


It’s very important to double-check your meter number and the billing month that you provide to avoid any errors when making the payment. Further more, It is make sure that you have payment receipt as proof of payment and any kind of SMS in case of any issues.

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