How to Check if Your FESCO Bill is Paid or Not?

In this era of Modern World and Technology it is very easy to get access of any thing you want. So if you are the user of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO), and you want to get the info about How to Check if Your FESCO Bill is Paid or Not? then you are at the right place here we will provide you the friendly guide about this in this Article.

This comprehensive and unique guide will provide you the steps about How to Check if Your FESCO Bill is Paid or Not?

What is FESCO?

FESCO is one of the best and huge electricity company in Pakistan. It has low degree of distribution losses and a high rate of bill collection. FESCO was founded in 1998 and its service area is Faisalabad and all its small cities. Faisalabad is also known as Manchester of Pakistan for its big textile industries.

FESCO a unique electricity Company distributes and supplies electricity to about 5.1 million customers within its service. It is a big Pillar in meeting the expense of Electricity in Pakistan. It also has the electricity Distribution License that is granted by National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA). (As per FESCO Official site data).

Checking FESCO Bill Status By Online:

If you area FESCO User and want How to Check if Your FESCO Bill is Paid or Not? then you have to follow all these simple Steps.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website:

First and main step of How to Check if Your FESCO Bill is Paid or Not? is taht you have to Visit the official website of FESCO by Clicking here.

Step 2: Account Log In:

This is the second step of How to Check if Your FESCO Bill is Paid or Not? All the existing users can easily log in to their account by filling the required portions. If you area a new user then you have to make your new account in simple and easy way.

Step 3: Navigate “Bill Status” Section:

After successfully log in to your Account you have to navigate the area of Bill checking by scrolling your Screen.

Step 4: Enter Information:

After this you have to put the correct information that is required on your Website to meet the demands of Checking the Bill online.

Step 5: Checking the Bill Status:

After successfully Submit the details you will be able to check your Bill status online that is Appeared on your screen. That are the all steps through which you can get all the details of How to Check if Your FESCO Bill is Paid or Not?

How to Check if Your FESCO Bill is Paid or Not?

Check Bill Status by FESCO Customer Service:

You can easily check your Bill status by FESCO Customer Service. By using this service you can easily check your Bill status online. The page of this customer service includes fields for entering a reference number and then press the button to submit the query for retrieving bill details.

If you are facing any type of issue in finding of How to Check if Your FESCO Bill is Paid or Not? then FESCO customer service can assist you directly.

*** Dial FESCO Helpline Number:

In order to get the Service of FESCO Customer Then you have to Dial the FESCO helpline number on the official website and then call it. Follow the IVR instructions to get connection with a customer service representative.

*** Provide User Information:

Here you have to provide the consumer number and any other required details when requested.

*** Verify Bill Status:

The customer service agent that is connection with you inform you about the payment of your Bill Status after verifying your account.

Checking Bill Status Through SMS:

Here is another method of checking the FESCO Bill online by SMS Service through your Mobile Phone.

** Create a New Message:

First of all you have to Compose a new text message on your mobile device.

** Enter the Information:

Then you have to put the Required Info in the Give Section. Type “Bill [Your User Number]” and send it to the Provided FESCO SMS number that is available on their website.

** Get Bill Status SMS:

After preforming all these steps you will get the SMS from the Official team About the Paying Status of your FESCO BILL.


*** What information I must have for How to Check if Your FESCO Bill is Paid or Not?

For this purpose You will need your Reference Number and any other details required by the website.

*** Is it possible to check my FESCO bill status without an internet connection?

Yes, you can use the other FESCO SMS service through which you can get the status of your Bill Checking.

*** How can i Pay my Bill if I find my bill is unpaid?

If your bill is unpaid, then there is no need to worry you can easily pay your bill by simply visiting the official portal of FESCO Bill Online.

*** How many times should I check my bill status?

It is better for you to check your bill status regularly so that you can easily overcome the excess usage of your electricity.

*** Can I pay my FESCO bill online?

Yes, If you want to pay your bill online then it is very easy you can pay it by going on the official website of FESCO and here you can pay the Bill Online.


It is conclude that it is very necessary for you to check the status of your bill regularly so that you stay updated about the usage of your electricity. By using the all these methods including FESCO website, customer service, or SMS service, you can stay updated about your bill status and can easily manage your finances efficiently. To get the friendly and easy to read content about all this information you simply have to visit this site and you will get all the info about the FESCO bill and its Online Payment.

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