Change Ownership of FESCO Meter

How to Change Ownership of FESCO Meter?

In this era of modern World of science and technology it is very easy and quick to access any thing you want. So if you want to know about How to Change Ownership of FESCO Meter? Then here is the complete and friendly guide about this topic. It is very necessary to get the Ownership detail of your FESCO meter in this era of technology. If you want to change the Ownership of your FESCO meter then you have to follow the simple steps to complete this process.

There is no need to worry about this, because this comprehensive guide will help you a lot through every step, in understanding all the steps and all the requirements to take the ownership of Meter.

Importance of Change Ownership of FESCO Meter:

There are some situations in which changing the Change Ownership of FESCO Meter is very important and mandatory. In order to avoid from any kind of difficulty it it is responsibility of yours to Change Ownership of FESCO Meter in all the following Situations.

*** In case of Property Selling: In this case if you are selling a property, then there is the must need to transfer the owner ship detail of your meter connection in order to avoid from any kind of hassle.

*** In Case of Inheritance: In this case If you have a property with a FESCO connection that is inherited, then it is mandatory to change the owner name of the connection.

** For Tenancy Changes: In this case of long-term tenant agreements there is also a need to transferring the connection to the tenant’s name to avoid from any kind of difficulty and hassles.

Requirements of Ownership Change:

If you want to change the ownership of FESCO Meter connection then here is the detail of all the required Documents that you must have in order to complete the transfer process.

** Attested Copy of CNIC as a proof.

** Current Copy of Present CNIC of existing Owner as a Proof of identity.

** In case of tenancy there is a need of agreement copy that you have to provide.

** Another important thing that you must have to need is the NOC form the Previous Owner to complete this process.

** At the end There is a need of Transfer application that is available on the Official website of FESCO

How to Change Ownership of FESCO Meter?

Transferring Process :

If you are applying for the Change Ownership of FESCO Meter process of the FESCO meter Ownership Here’s a simplified steps of the transfer process that is given below:

** It is important to make sure that you must have al the required documents for Change Ownership of FESCO Meter.

** It is also very mandatory to Fill out the transfer application form accurately and correctly, providing all the required documents.

** In Second Last step You must have to visit the Official website of FESCO and you have to submit the transfer Application form here by providing all the required Documents.

** In the payment verification method you have to Pay the required transfer fee at the allocated counter or online portal. FESCO Officials will confirm your Payment.

** In this step of Meter reading A FESCO representative will schedule a meter reading of your existing connection and generate your final bill to pay for the outgoing owner.

After approving all these steps your connection transfer procedure will be completed.

Tips for a Smooth Transfer:

** First of all Please make sure that you have to start this process in early stages for avoiding any kind of hassle at the end time.

** If you have any query and want to get any kind of info about your connection and your transfer then make it easy to call at the customer service to clear all the doubts.

** Keep your communication strong and regular with the owner of FESCO meter and with the team of FESCO for smooth Transferring.

** At the last step You must have to verify the final bill before making payment to ensure that all the charges are accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

*** What is the fee of changing ownership?

The transfer fee varies depending on the type of connection and location. Contact FESCO for specific details.

*** Can I transfer ownership online?

Yes it is possible to make it online because FECSO provide its users a platform for the online methods of apply. Yes, you can submit the application online through the FESCO website.

*** How long does the transfer process take?

The transfer process usually takes around 15-20 working days, but depending on verification process time and workload.

What is FESCO ?

FESCO Stands for the Faisalabad Electric supply Cooperation. it is the electric supply company in Pakistan.


In this era of technology Change Ownership of FESCO Meter is not to be a stressful experience. You can easily apply for the transfer process by simply following the simple rules that are fully described above in easy to red form of content. You have to visit this site and get all the info about the FESCO and all its meter connection and all the FESCO Online Bill check Methods. So please make sure to visit this platform to get the fully authentic data that you can use and solve your all the difficulties by following the simple rules that are given here in easy to read form of content.

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